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Systems Engineer 2

Annapolis Junction, Maryland

Required Skills

- Must have experience using Niagarafiles since this is the framework we use for all our dataflows. This means being familiar with a good portion of the processors available, what they do and how they are used so they can design new or modify existing dataflows; create controller services, think outside the box to address unique dataflow requests and issues and work with our dataflow developers to generate custom processors if necessary.

Linux OS, Linux Commands, and familiar with Regular Expression (regex)

  • Must have experience with Linux OS, commands used in Linux, and regex. All our servers and VMs run on a Linux OS. They will be required to navigate through and troubleshoot dataflow and file issues. Regex will be used in that process as well as configuring some processors in Niagarafiles.

ELK Stack

  • Must have experience with ELK Stack. Every piece of information we process is tagged and stored. They need to be familiar with how this works from a Niagarafiles perspective, then be able to query the data using Kibana using discovery, building visuals, and dashboards, as well as configuring processors to generate custom reports.

Collection Systems and Data Formats

  • On the front end there must be some knowledge of cellular and 802.11 collection systems, how they operate, what they generate, the file formats generated and what's inside them. On the backend, there must be some knowledge of the standard Agency formats and how to create them, since we translate what the system generates to the agency formats, they will need to map data from one format to another.

IC Repositories

  • Experience with the IC repositories we populate, experience querying them and understanding what is presented back is a must since we use these tools to ensure data is ingested correctly.

Additional Experience

  • Experience with applications like TURNWEALTHY, XKEYSCORE, METTLESOME, SSDM & KEYCARD.

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